Wednesday, August 30, 2006

After a long time there has been some activity on FUKAT, with a smashing post by CTC or Craposaurus and what better thing to talk about then the God's. But now I really feel if FUKAT has any competition it is from the God's themselves, I assume they just could not digest people enjoying FUKAT so at some places they started drinking milk at other they made the water sweet and at some other they appeared on the walls. All this to divert the attention away from FUKAT, but thats not happening any soon. There have been some developments which yours truly cannot share right now which can help FUKAT achieve another level of popularity after the initial success, till then keep guessing.

The second biggest competition that FUKAT faces is from the terrorist, I mean they have been so active lately that people really don't want to take time out of watching piles of human shit on TV and read FUKAT, So a good idea would be a FUKAT radio probably if they don't have to spend the effort reading they might just follow FUKAT more.

The 3rd and the last competition that FUKAT faces is from none other than the smartest President of America, If you still can't recall, That Chimp looking dumb ass. And yeah its implicit that he has company of Blair the bastard. If you can't get it yet, "You are either with us or against us" now we want to be neutral so are scared to death these days Since we recieved a call from White house asking

Caller - Whadya doin?
Me - As usual nothing.
Caller - Oh I had ta ask somethin, You with us(US).
Me - No... I need to...
Caller - Condi shud I'd go the loo, ask Cheney to bomb em.

Since then I am running scared shunning all buildings, If some one has any idea of a kholi in a slum so let me know.

Many people asked me who was the winner of the FUKAT title, well if you are really in that league you won't ask me and the question would always be open for you. After all what did you think we would organise a award ceremony and present an award to the winner, huh don't you understand we are different we organise a competition and for a change don't declare the winner.

Now after reading all this crap if you ask me what this post was all about, then please don't visit this blog again. This blog was never to serve any purpose and never would and this post is in the same spirit.

On closing lines a PJ from our Craposaurus,

Hindi Cheeni -- Bhai Bhai.
Angrezi Cheeni -- Sugar.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Breaking News!!!

It has been found today that in one remote corner of Kanjur Marg, HP was found to be drinking milk.

Yes, very true. Now, it is been common knowledge that at HP’s home wash basins,cats,flower pots and other sundries were always found to be drinking milk but somehow, the milk would never go down HP’s throats. But, in a bizarre turn of events, it was found that a mixture of badam, pista and Bournvita and off course Mahananda milk seemed to please HP. Indeed a heart warming story!! Sources say that there has been a steady stream of visitors to his home since the news spread in Kanjur and other neighboring areas.

And, in totally unrelated incident, Gods decided to steal the thunder from HP on the same day. Rumors abound that idols across various temples across India are supposedly drinking milk.

Well, as HP always used to say, Gods always gang up against him :-)

HP had one day to become famous but all came to naught. Now, the stream of visitors have reduced to a trickle. Poor HP, I say!!!

Btw, Wonder, what flavor Gods favour!! And if idols are indeed devouring milk, then do I need to go easy on keeping sweets the next time on the Pooja Thaali. It was always assumed that one just needs to show the sweets to God, sweets will be blessed by God and then one can hog as much as one wants.

Wonder, what this world is coming to. Now, you can’t even trust Gods to keep their part of the deal. :-)



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