Monday, April 17, 2006


The First Fukat competition

Fellow fukats,
I take pleasure in announcing the First Fukat competition which begins 18th April 2006 i.e today. If you are the real fukat one, you won't need to ask any details about the competition, but for the lowly souls who need some enlightment on what all this is about. Just post the craziest,crapiest post on your blog or "this one" as a team member from today onwards till 30th April. For reference on what a crazy,crapy and fukat post looks like visit

Do visit the comments for this post.

The Rules are simple- .

1) Get your blog registered on this site by posting a comment on the blog, we would add you as a team member.

2) At the end of the competition all entries would be reviewed by some of the carziest fukat's on the earth and top 3 fukats would be decided.

3) Only the blogs who are registered on and contain a link to the same would be considered for the prize

4) You can make the post on your own blog or on the official fukat blog as a team member for which you would have to provide your mail id.

The winner would be awarded with the craziest prize ever given and the Title of Mr/Ms/Mrs Fukat and Fukat king.

Yippe..Moi the first one to comment.

Asif, this is a sheer waste of my fukat time. The whole world knows that I am the King of Fukats. No need for any competiton and all that BS.

{Background Score Starts}
Fukat logon ka King Kaun, HP
{Background Score Ends}

End of Argument :-)

Kaunse bhi ground ka score dekh Snehal will always be ahead of you .Also there will be noone ahead of him. Also there is no argument about the Fukat king .tis me ,moi,ana(me in arabic),mai(hindi),nan(in malyalam and Tamil),hu(in gujarati)mu (in Oriya),mee(Marathi),ich(German),yo(Spanish),je (French),me (again but in Italian),mim(Portugese),私(Japanese),나에게(Korean),我 (Chinese) ....(See i told u that i would win by a huge margin if u wud calculate points for bein Fukat. The one other than arabic and indian languages have been taken from google translation.See how Fukat i am .Point to be noted my Lord)

Nice to know that u took my comment on Vinod's post seriously about creating a new blogs for fellow Fukats and took pains to do the same.
# Ppl

In this World, where you have to pay for everything, y shld i leave something that is Fukat.
So ppl this is a formal warning to all the Contestants tht am in the race for the Crown coz Fukat mein mai Zeher bhi nahi chod(leave in English) tha.

Stop boasting abt urself n also
Stop lifting lines frm movies, do something original dude.
So I see 3 interested candidates as of now taking part in the competitions.

Please post incase if u havent recieved the invitation
I don't need to fight for the thing which is already mine, but well i can judge who can be the second best fukat
I can't contest as there's no Fukat Queen :(
although i know i'll win hands down :)
Hey mattu,
after your “To BI-2 or not to BI-2” It was a unanimous decision by the Fukat team to give you a honorary nomination as a candidate and don't need to worry about the title,if you win the Blog would be renamed to "Fukat Queen" and all the other Fukats your subjects :))

Happu Fukatgiri to you all.

Well, everyone thinks that they can win hands down, but no one is posting anything ...

As u urself said "As human Beings we tend to be more reactive than proactive"(Yes he actually said that)

Also everybody please bow b4 ur king
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