Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The Competition is sizzling hotter than the Indian summer...

For all those who thought that the FUKAT competition is running out of steam are in for a surprise. Keeping with the great tradition of fukat giri, Zombie ZIOM comes out of his slumber and hits a big one with Kya Hoga Nimmo, Nemo Aur Mattu Ka , just missing a century on debut. I know saying this can break ziom's heart but dude, The chapter is too small and if you really harbour any wishes to displace mattu and kurt and win this competition atleast one more chapter is required.

Neverthless, the post is gr8 peice of work, establishing our reputation as the Biggest, Craziest and wildest FUKAT's on the Wild Web.

I wonder what CTC and Sneh are upto, would they? wouldn't they? come up with something to remain in the reckoning. To use the old cliche' only time would tell. Mean while CTC's blog these days looks more like the one run by Kurt the dirt instead of he himself.

Yours truly would keep you updated on all the happenings on the FUKAT world CIO.

Don't worry i am not here for the sake of the competition.
I know i am the best, ppl here r jus tryin for the second place

ne ways, i will be coming up with CH-2 The Plan next week :)
Okie dude, waiting for your CH-2 with bated breath.

ppl here r so damn confident abt themselves....

Btw am waitin for ur new post :)
But remember am just behind you to take away ur spot

Kurt, waiting for ur new post and to know more about Elango
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