Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My new business plan.

In my discussions with some of my friends on their career and professional choices, one of the best comments came from a sports racer, not sure if it was his original though, The best business to be in, in this country are Sports, Bollywood and Politics for sure, but there is one thing that's on top of these three and that's religion.

Yes I said religion, one would ask business being a religion, why not just take a look around the country. I assume the maximum number of tourists that this country entertains are on religious or spiritual quest and the exoticism that the western writers have attached to the east certainly has a major role in it. Coming back to the business plan, Over a cup of evening coffee one of my friend and colleague decides he wants to be God or more rightly put a Godmen. Now the thoughts turn to finding a suitable business plan and I for once readily agree to play a second fiddle by being the marketing manager for the "Baba". Since baba's are supposed to be the one who renounce the world atleast in front of the general public, this job wasn't for me and that explains my choice.

We quickly narrowed down to our clientele which certainly would be the rich class, yeah we can manage to entertain the upper middle class too, but you know they don't brin in that kinda dough. The most important target audience would be the firangs though, you know the a dollar and pound is 45/80 times more than the rupee. Well before you might think we are all for money I should clarify this is the business of spiritual guidance for the mortal souls, wretched and other wise, who have undegorne the travesty of humanely life, troubled by inhuman acts of depraved souls. Now don't ask the meaning of all that, that's for the baba to explain.

The most important aspect has to be the baba, he has to be an attractive personality, generating positive vibes and able to bond people quickly. So our would be baba is a suave, young gentleman with military training and with the ability to bond with people. Recently some xyz devi came in his dream to inform that he is the chosen one and should alleviate the troubles of the miserly souls of this earth.

The only trouble is that our would be baba is going to UK for 6 months, yeah I know that was a certain party pooper, but this has come as even a bigger opportunity as our baba can start our right from the place where are clients reside that way they would save on traveling cost to India. Hope I move to UK soon, you know without good marketing managers like me the baba can never achieve great business or sorry I meant following.

So what say people, what do you think of the plan. All suggestions good or bad are welcome, kyun ki sab maya hai.

You seem to be improving day by day. Cool!! Keep it up..

btw, The plan is good. Just need some brilliant non-doers like me in the team. Then, we are off to the La-La Land :-)

We have a opening for you, coz we need people who talk a level of BUllshit that no one understands, you know that way we can claim godly myths and spiritual talks kinda a things.

And stop saying again and again that I am improving day by day. I improved twice in a day yesterday :)).
You need to be reminded that you were improving so that atleast by constantly listening to that word, you improve :-)

Hey Asif...This one ws also a verrry cool 1 re! It ws absolutely uproarious & had me spilling into grins & smiles...Y u so hell bent on embarassing me here in front of these seemingly serious ppl!! :-))nd yeah...I take t priviledge 2 add to Hari's comment & take it even further...U HAVE IMPROVED!! Jus keep it up!

OK mam, your wish is a command, would try and keep it up and above :).

if you did'nt read the scrap
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