Friday, May 12, 2006


The relation between FUKAT and WCS revealed.....

This is the story of the souls troubled by the company named, Wife Computer Systems ltd(WCS).

So this starts in Feb 2004 when one "As If" Khan was having the time of his life in a college called GNK with his love "Sweet" Bhat. One fine afternoon, one Mr. "Nill" Warrier turns up in the college to give a presentation on what he termed as the recruitment drive for WCS. Although As If was highly apprehensive even of sitting for the presentation, finally he made the mistake of sitting for Nill's presentation. Mr. Nill laid a beautiful trap making big promises to the poor innocent souls who had no idea what was in store making a bold statement "We don't oblige you by giving you the job and you don't oblige by working for us". The simple clear of the word meant the company meant business and nothing more.

So on another fateful day, As If with his friends braved a severe pain and arrived at the venue for what was supposed to be a recruitment test. A crowd of around 2 thousand had gathered for the interviews out of which only 120 were supposed to be selected. There was a mad scramble with people standing in long queues, yelling, shouting jumping ahead of each other to give the test first. It very much seemed as if a crowd of beggars had gathered outside a temple for alms. As If decided he had too much self respect left to bear all this for a stupid job since he already had an offer letter from a BPO paying quite much more than WCS. But on persuasion of Sweet B. and other friends he persisted.In the mid of this mayhem they somehow managed to give a test which a stupid student of 10th Std could anytime clear. As If along with his GF got selected for the job which both of them were highly aprehensive of taking up but they did.

The day of 5th May is one day in life which As If would never forget, coz this was the day when he landed up for the first time in what was supposed to be the training room of WCS located in what was called as SDFVII or Sadu Dhakkan Factory. One can understand the pitiful management from the fact that the nearest toilets were 3 floors away, so if u r in hurry carry another set of clothes was the motto.

A group of 30-35 ppl or what was later termed as PPP's "Pagle Paltu Pille" had gathered in a room which had an AC which worked only at freezing temperature resulting in a sleepy audience. An old frail lanky man called Mutwani turned up with a dangerous looking madrasi lady called Bandra Remedy and informed that their session would start in sometime from now, some people tried to protest that they haven't informed home(poor little kids) But Mr Mutwani insisted that fill up forms that they won't leave the company for 3 years then only were they allowed to leave. Most of them signed the forms including As If and Sweet B. Poor souls little did they know that they were signing their death warrants by their own hands.

Since from here the story involves the other PPP's to I would like them to contribute their point of view.

Again, I retain the title of the first one to comment.

My views follow later :-)

btw, Dont you think what you have written is not that difficult to interpret??
I mean the names might have been changed but they are very evident.

That is very much intended, I don't wish to hide any names.

Hp is too sentimental abt his wife .its here where he found his true love. Try and understand .So mayb u cud tone done on the wife-bashing. who knows how many nari niketans will be baying for ur blood after this post on wife bashin u better bware.
btw u cares who reads the blog.after the ratings they hav given i care a f*** bout them
Who cares if they read the blog or not, the names have been changed to bring in some element for fun and in some cases to portray the person and not at all to protect any identity as they look pretty obvious.
kurt & mattu missing from action

It tuk u such long time to post this blog. :))
U said it all !!!
I don't think I said it all. Theres lot of things to be still said, infact the story starts now.
As for the long time, I write on real life incidences only when I have something to back it up that my decisions were right and I have gone much ahead on those small concerns.
Leave the time it took for him to have this post. just note the time u took to comment quite fast dude
One of the rare times when Abhi comments.
btw, Vinod and Mattu haven't commented???

Hey Guys I know i m toooooooooo late to comment on this 1!!!

@As If :)
Thnx fr givin me such a 'sweet' adjective, but my name actualy means 'Dear' dear :)
As for t post...Its hilarious!!! I m currently sittin in the office of IL&FS amidst financial savvy ppl & readin this post...But i cldnt contain my laughs & smiles...Cool writeup...!!

Hey thanks babe. I didn't want to drag u in my posts but here it was inevitable. And for the sweet adjective, if I write this again it would be the same :))
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